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Welcome to Cryptobounty LLC

Home of the Original Wyoming Stakepool: BNTY1


Stake with BNTY1

High performance, low fees, good cause. 


A Top ITN Pool

BNTY1 had legendary performance on the Cardano Incentivized Testnet, minting over 6000 blocks. 


The Original Wyoming Stakepool

One of the first pools on ITN and mainnet, BNTY1 has maintained a high-performance standard throughout Cardano's existence. 


Education Focused

As part of Cryptobounty's larger focus on Education, the BNTY1 stakepool is critical in enabling Cryptobounty to provide educational opportunities to students. 

Here To Stay

Hi I'm Jesse. I've developed a reputation as one of the most reliable stakepool operators in the Cardano ecosystem. I'm passionate about the project, and the prospect of the potential positive impact of crypto and blockchain on the world as a whole. 

Supporting Decentralization

I am extremely passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. People need to be able to own their own money and this becomes achievable with decentralization. I aim to help the network stay decentralized by only ever running a single pool with high-pledge.

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Cardano Stakepool: BNTY1




Fixed Fee


ADA Pledged



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My mission is to provide extraordinary opportunities to rural Secondary Education students. 

It is imperative to provide unique opportunities for youth during this time of great global technological and financial transformation. 

To help enable this, I am focused on developing certification and career pathways for rural Wyoming students, and intend to blaze a trail in hopes that other follow the forward-thinking approach to education in advanced and cutting-edge fields. 

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Cryptobounty LLC 2023

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